Unfortunately, the UAG DNS settings cannot be set via the web interface.
This is why you have to do this via the console.
Therefore, we log in as root to the UAG server.
There are two files that are used for DNS settings.
On the one hand the file


this file is used with Linux to configure the DNS settings.
You can view the current configuration with this command:

cat /etc/resolv.conf

But in our case we want to configure the DNS settings of the tunnel.
To do this we navigate to


and open the file


using a text editor.
To open the file, we enter the following after login:

cd /opt/vmware/tunnel/vpnd/
vim server.conf

Now you should see this file:

Now you have to scroll down (using the arrow keys) until you see the point Network Settings.
There you will find the DNS server settings at the second position.

It is important that these settings are used preferentially – so if another setting is used in resolv.conf, then this is used here.
To edit it you must go to Insert Mode. Press the “i” key. I have to do this more times to get into insert mode. And don’t forget: Remove the semicolon before the line to delete the comment.
Once you have entered the appropriate servers, it should look something like this:

To save the file you have to press the ESC key. At the bottom left you should no longer see “INSERT”.
In order to save the file, the following has to be entered:


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